Travels with the Wing

Travels with the Wing is an epic poem of a little girl, Ksana-Kai, awoken by the shadowy silhouette of a giant eagle perched outside her window sill. The bird promises to fly her around the world and share with her sights and wonders the likes of which she could never see in a life time-- the ultimate vacation trip!

This enchanting story is an intriguing tour through over 35 worldwide locals. Throughout her perilous journey, she encounters a wide assortment of exotic and endangered species. This delightful poem is best read and narrated to children by an adult-- and is sure to be enjoyed by both. Travels with the Wing contains over 550 poetic stanzas in colorful imaginative rhyme. Click here for an excerpt of Travels with the Wings

Available at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and other book stores. Click on the eagle image for more details.

I'm working on Ksana-Kai volume 7, Travels with the Wings, where Cuddy, KsanaKai's brother, sets off on a quest of his own around the world with Ksana-Kai and her sister, Kaya, in hot pursuit. Click the black raven to view an excerpt

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